The Poodll EnglishCentral plugin is easy to install from

1. Go to your site’s plugins installer and install them

Your Moodle site has a handy system for installing plugins automatically by connecting to to download them. From the site administration menu, go to:
plugins -> install plugins

Choose to install from the Moodle plugins directory.

If you are not already logged into, you will need to .

Then search for "EnglishCentral" in the “search plugins” bar. The EnglishCentral plugin will appear in the search results. Click to choose it

 On the next page you will see an “install now” button.

You will then be shown a list if your Moodle sites, and you should choose which to install on, and press the install link.

After that Moodle should lead you through the plugin installation

The EnglishCentral plugin URL on

For your reference the plugin file URLs on is:

Configuring the EnglishCentral Module

To configure the EnglishCentral Module, you must:

  1. Get a PartnerID, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret and Encrypted Secret from
    You will get those when you purchase a subscription, but a free trial is also available. In either case contact Poodll support.

  2. The 4 main settings are: Partner ID, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret and Encrypted Secret (usually the same as Consumer Secret). Though they look complicated, you just need to paste them in once. After that you can forget all about them.

    If you skip or make a mistake on this step, you can add the credentials later by visiting:
    Site administration -> plugins -> activity modules -> EnglishCentral

Using the EnglishCentral plugin

See this page for information about using the EnglishCentral plugin.