PoodLL 3 combines your PoodLL.com membership, your subscription and your Moodle site URL domain to create a unique registration code.  If you have an active subscription when you visit the https://poodll.com/member page and log in, you will see something like this:

Depending on your subscription type you will have between 2 and 5 places to enter Moodle site URLs to be registered. After entering your site URL, be sure to press the “save profile” button. Your URLs will be submitted and registration codes generated. Then it should look like this.

Paste the generated registration code into the “Registration key” field in your Moodle site’s PoodLL filter settings at:
site administration -> plugins -> filters -> PoodLL -> General settings

Wildcards and sub-directories

The registration code that is generated can actually be used for more than one Moodle site. It is the domain of the Moodle site that is registered. So in the above example, http://www.mymoodle.com, it would be possible to  have two moodle sites in sub directories using the same registration code.
e.g, http://www.mymoodle.com/moodlesiteone and http://www.mymoodle.com/moodlesitetwo

Members with an old institution or Big Dog subscription can use a wildcard in place of the subdomain, and then use the same registration code on multiple sub domains. So for example, if the registered Moodle site URL was :

then the same registration code could be used on

https://moodleone.mymoodle.com and

PoodLL 2 and PoodLL 3

Note that PoodLL 3 registration codes and PoodLL 2 registration codes are not the same. PoodLL 2 codes are much shorter. You can get a PoodLL 2 code (for free) from: