To use most Poodll plugins you will need an account on When you create an account, Poodll will send a Poodll Member Dashboard username and password to your email address. If you do not recall your username and password please check your email (check your spam and promotions folders too) . You can get an account by signing up for a subscription or a free trial at 

In most cases when you sign up with Poodll you will also set your Moodle site URL. But you can change this or add other URLs from the dashboard.

1. Visit the Poodll Dashboard

Visit your Poodll member dashboard at : and login.

When you register for a free trial or a subscription, you will receive an email with your username and password. If you do not know your login details you can request a password reset by entering the email you first with registered with Poodll at:

If you do not remember your email, please contact us at: 

2. Register your site URLs

Poodll authenticates your registered site URLs against your the Moodle URL in the Moodle site configuration file. Your registration is checked against that when Poodll runs. To edit, add or remove your registered site URLs, go to Poodll will not run if your site URLs are not registered.

You can enter up to 5 URLs as long as they are all for your organization. Poodll paid subscriptions plans also allow you to use a wildcard '*' in place of the www (or other subdomain) to enable all subdomains, e.g https://* .  

NB The URL needs to begin with "https" or "http".
(Free trial subscriptions do not support wildcards.)

3. Copy your API User and API Secret

Poodll uses your API user and API secret to allow your site users access to Poodll services. You will find your API user and secret on your page at 

You will need these when you setup Poodll plugins on your Moodle site. You probably received them by email when you registered with Poodll. But they are also available on your Poodll member dashboard.

Your API user and secret do not change. They link your site with your Poodll account. So when you alter, add, renew or cancel subscriptions, you do not need to change your API user and secret.

4. Set the API username and secret 

Paste the API user and secret from the Poodll Dashboard into each of the Poodll plugin settings page in the Moodle site administration. The Cloud Poodll plugins and Poodll filter each require their own copy.  (Older Classic Poodll plugins just use the Poodll filter's API user and secret.)

When you renew or upgrade your subscription (eg from free trial to a paid one) the Poodll plugins will know about that automatically. You do not need to update any settings for them. But it may take up to 12 hours for the information to come through.

You can speed that up by pressing the "Refresh license information" link (under the API secret in Moodle ) after saving the new settings.