Poodll EnglishCentral, and Poodll Minilesson plugins, can work on the Moodle Mobile App. Your site will need some basic configuration to make this work.

i) Allow web services for mobile access

This is required to use the Moodle Mobile App at all. So probably it is already enabled.

Enable this at:

Site administration > Mobile app > Mobile settings > Enable web services for mobile devices

ii) Allow frame embedding

The Poodll plugins use iframe embedding so that they work in the Moodle Mobile App.

Enable this at:

Site administration > Security > HTTP security > Allow frame embedding 

iii) Microphone access

On Android users will need to grant the Moodle Mobile App access to their micrphones. This is an Android setting, not an Moodle Mobile App setting.

Grant this at:

Settings -> Apps->Moodle ->Permissions -> Microphone