Poodll checks every 12 hours (or so) that your API information is valid and that nothing has changed in your account. At that time it picks up a token and it uses that for the next 12 hours. It keeps a track of the time that it last fetched the token.

Classic Poodll also registers time limited upload URLs before passing them on to your users to upload recordings to.  In this case if the Moodle server time is not correct the URLs can be already expired, or expire too soon. For this reason your server time needs to be correct for Classic Poodll to work reliably.

If your server time changes then your Poodll might think a token is valid, because the time since fetching appears less than 12 hours. If you change your server time, or believe it to have changed, then you can force Poodll to pick up new token from the settings page of the each of the Cloud Poodll plugins and from the Poodll filter general settings page. Click the link that says "Refresh license information."