A feature of the Poodll filter (v 3.1.11 20181023) and Cloud Poodll is the ability to download the recorded file directly from the recorder, in the event that the upload has failed. This will only be useful if the recorder is still open with the recording in it.

This download button becomes available inside the recorder options panel, after the upload button has been pressed on the recorder. It looks like this:

This will be the unconverted audio or video file, and will often be in a format that will not play on your local machine. You can try re-uploading it to Moodle or right click and attempt to view it in your browser. Cloud Poodll has a nice upload recorder  that will pass the uploaded file for conversion as usual. So you could use that via the Cloud Poodll assignment submission or via the Atto Cloud Poodll editor icon too.