Things to consider when selecting students for supervised progress monitoring…

While Read Aloud enables you to monitor the words per minute and accuracy scores of all your students quickly and easily, certain learners will require more engagement and supervision. As time is your most precious resource, it’s important to choose carefully which students receive extra attention. 

Here’s a list of the type of students you will want to consider:

  • Any student identified by a previous teacher or reading specialist as needing assistance

  • any student who consistently falls within the bottom 20% of the class in terms of words per minute score (note this is very rough and ready criteria and would not be suitable for classes with high concentrations of struggling readers or English language learners)

  • Any student who is reading at or below the 50th percentile benchmark words per minute value for their grade (see Hasbrouck & Tindal, 2017)

  • Any student whose parent or guardian has expressed concern about reading progress