The Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission allows students to record audio or video as assignment submissions. It has no dependencies and recordings are stored in the Poodll cloud. The teacher has a choice of audio and video recorders to use. It supports time limits, and falls back to file upload when the device does not support HTML5 recording. It can also generate subtitles (.vtt format) automatically.

Cloud Poodll requires a Poodll API username and secret. The following credentials will work on localhost:

API user: localhostuser
API secret: w3gMcbQC0MDyPhCT

The Admin Settings

The Cloud Poodll administrator settings

Poodll API User
(admin) username

The Cloud Poodll assignment uses the Cloud Poodll API. Your Moodle site needs to be registered.
You can get a key from the api tab on your member page at

Poodll API Secret

API secret from members area on 

Time Limit (default)

Mins : Secs of reading time

An optional time limit. Can be changed or removed when creating the assignment,

AWS Region

  • US East

  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Dublin, Ireland

Which AWS region to use to store and process recordings. NB Tokyo, Japan does NOT support machine evaluation.

Days to keep file


The default number of days to keep the students recording on AWS. Can be changed when creating the assignment

Recorder type(default)
  • Audio
  • Video
The default media type of the recorder. Can be changed when creating the assignment.
Non-html5 fallback
  • warning
  • iOS upload, else warning
  • upload
if the browser does not support recording with HTML5 for the selected media type, with warn the user or offer an upload screen.
Show current submission
  • yes
  • no
Show the current submission on the edit submission page

It is also possible to set the size of the audio/video players as they appear in the submissions list and on the grading or summary pages. Videos, in particular, if too large can make the submissions list page hard to use.

The Instance Settings

The Cloud Poodll instance settings allow the teacher to set :

  • the type of recording(audio or video) 
  • the recorder skin to use
  • the recording time limit (optional)
  • the expiry time of the recording (it will be automatically removed from cloud storage)