You will want to back up each of your courses on Moodle Cloud and then restore them on Poodll NET.

It is most likely that you want to do this with user data (enrolments, grades, submissions etc). And in that case you should first migrate users to Poodll NET. And after that is complete restore the courses.

Backup courses on Moodle Cloud

  1. Go to the course that you will back up.
  2. Click "More -> Course Re-Use" from the top menu

  3. Choose "Backup" from the dropdown on the top left (it will default to import)

  4.  Choose to include user data ( or not ) and then from the bottom choose "jump to final step" and commence the backup

  5. Finally download the backup file to your desktop

Restore the course to Poodll NET

  1. Visit site administration ->courses ->restore  course

  2. Drag or choose the backup file that you created earlier into the backup file area

  3. Choose to restore as new course and be sure to also select the category to restore into. Even if there is only one category you must choose the radio button for that.

  4. Check to include (or not include) enrolled users data from the backup file

  5. Continue on and follow the steps to restore the course