If your API user and secret are not working, there are a number of reasons. The first sign that something is wrong is likely when attempting to use a Poodll activity (Minilesson, ReadAloud ..etc)  an error message like the following displays:

Older plugins may simply fail to upload recordings. 

You should visit the settings page for the plugin, or for the Poodll fillter if you are using Classic Poodll (not Cloud Poodll). And there you will see the settings for the API user and secret, and a refresh licence information link.

Check that the API user and secret are correct. If not, enter the correct values and save the settings page. Then click the "Refresh license Information" link. If the API user and secret are correct, and there are no connectivity issues, you should see a list of subscription details for the account associated with the API credentials. The last line will show the authorization status of the plugin.

If it says "NOT authorised" then :

  • Your API credentials are correct BUT
  • Your access has failed because:
    • the relevant subscription has expired
    • the  Moodle site URL has not been authorized (check member.poodll.com )
    • your subscription does not cover that plugin

If it returns from the Refresh license information link with no information:

  • your API credentials are incorrect
  • your Moodle server can not connect to cloud.poodll.com

It is most  likely that your API credentials are not correct. Try to copy and paste them again from your account on member.poodll.com

If you are sure that your access credentials are correct, it can be a server to server connectivity issue. Resolving this will require some technical skills, so contact Poodll Support if you do not have those. In most cases it is not a connectivity issue, but it might be if you have a new VPS.

First check that your Moodle server can use CURL. From your site's notifications page:

Site administration -> notifications

Click on the "Check for available updates" button

 If it succeeds then its probably not a connectivity issue. Contact Poodll support. If this fails with an error, then your Moodle server cannot use CURL to reach the internet. 

  • If your school is behind a proxy server, check that the proxy server information has been added to Moodle.
    Visit your Moodle's: Site administration -> Server ->HTTP -> Web Proxy

  • Security settings on a linux server can be preventing access to external sites.
    The following command run from the command line may work:
    setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect on

  • DNS may not be resolving. Try running curl or ping on the command line to see if cloud.poodll.com resolves to an ip address. eg
    ping -c2 cloud.poodll.com

  • If you are using a VPS with cpanel then outgoing connections can be blocked, and unblocked from the UI. It is under:
    Advanced -> Outgoing Connections in the CPanel interface.