Some of the common questions related to Poodll and data are answered below. More details are available at:

Poodll, User data and GDPR


What user data do you collect?

Students and teachers do not have logins or profiles or "seats" on Poodll. The only user data that is collected are the audio and video recordings, and in some cases the transcripts of the recordings. 

Where is user data stored?

Are recordings stored in the Moodle data directory?

In Cloud Poodll the user data (recordings and transcripts) are stored in our Amazon S3 buckets. They are not stored in the Moodle data directory. The older version of Poodll (Classic Poodll) does store recordings in the Moodle data directory. In most cases Cloud Poodll is the correct choice, because it is more reliable, has more features and we can support you better. 

What is your data back up policy?

We do not back up data stored in Amazon S3 buckets. We rely on S3 data security features such as replication across availability zones.

Can we configure data to be stored in our S3 buckets?

At this stage you can not configure storage independant of ours. We hope to add this feature.

What happens to our data when we close our account?

Your data is removed after 12 months by default, or earlier if the file expiry time of the recordings is reached. You can request the deletion of your data earlier than this by contacting Poodll support.

Can we delete/request a user's data?

The Cloud Poodll plugins support the privacy features of Moodle. As such, requests for user data via Moodle's data security features will include Cloud Poodll data. 

Can we request a copy of our data?

If you wish to receive a copy  of your enter account's data, contact Poodll support.

Is it possible to store our data entirely on our Moodle server, without using the cloud?

This is possible if you use Classic Poodll plugins, but you will lose access to services that rely on cloud based features such as transcription. The Classic and CLoud Poodll plugins are listed here: 

Cloud Poodll and Classic Poodll