When you click "Refresh Licence Information" on a Poodll plugin's admin settings page, it should refreshes the page but and show licence information below the API user and secret.


If nothing shows in that area after the page has reloaded, it is possible that your Moodle server is having trouble connecting to the Cloud Poodll server at cloud.poodll.com 

NB. This would be a site wide issue, and usually on a newly setup Moodle site or server. If nothing has changed on your server recently, then the problem is probably not this. 

Diagnosing the Issue

You will need command line access. Try connecting to cloud.poodll.com via the command line.

Using ping:

ping -c2 cloud.poodll.com

If it pings the server IP twice and comes back quickly, there is no issue there.
If it cant find the cloud poodll then there is a problem.

Using curl:

curl cloud.poodll.com

This will dump html contents onto the page if it can connect, or show an error if it cannot. 

Using wget

wget cloud.poodll.com

This will fetch the html contents of the top page and try to save them to a file. If it can not connect it will show an error.

Without command line access

You can test if the Moodle server can access the internet by trying to "check for available updates" . This button is available on the Site Administration -> Notifications page.

If that fails then your Moodle server does not have internet access.

NB It is possible for Moodle to not have access to the internet, even when the server does and when command line tools also do. Extra security on the web server and web server user can deny the web server access to the internet.

Solving the issue

Depending on the error messages that came back, the issue could be one of:

  1. DNS Error
    If DNS could not be resolved, the server does not know where cloud.poodll.com is. So you need to fix DNS resolution on your server.

  2. Firewall Error
    If you have a firewall or similar security system running (eg SE Linux) then access to the internet could be blocked. In the case of SE Linux, it might be necessary to enable httpd_can_network_connect with the following command:

    setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect on

  3.   Proxy Server
    If the Moodle server is behind a proxy server then you need to tell Moodle the proxy server details. Then Poodll will be able to route requests via the proxy server to cloud.poodll.com. On your Moodle site visit:
    Site administration -> Server -> HTTP -> Web Proxy