In Moodle you can add an audio file to an HTML area in  several ways.  Moodle can display that file as a link or as an HTML5 audio player. The HTML5 player will look different in different browsers. When the page is displayed after saving, in both cases the file should be displayed as an audio player. So either method is usually fine.

LinkHTML5 Audio Player (on Gogole Chrome)

You can choose in which form to add the player. Here we will show the steps to add an HTML5 audio player.

  1. Open the Add Media dialog from the Atto toolbar

  2. Click the "Audio" tab.
    By default the "Link" tab is selected, and this would insert the link

  3. Choose browse repositories.
  4. Choose "Upload a file" or some other repository system. And choose the audio file.

  5. Click "Insert Media" and the audio file will be inserted into the HTML area as a player.