Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a tool used for recording video and audio in an interactive way. Using Poodll, Flip activities can be embedded in Moodle without editing HTML and the embedded activity will resize nicely to match the students device/screen size.

First you should get the Flip topic share link from Flip. Beside the topic click the share icon and then the "copy link" button. The share link will be copied to your clipboard.

Then from your Poodll/Moodle site, pop open the Poodll Widgets dialog and select "Flip" 

Paste in the URL that you copied earlier and insert the widget tags onto the page.

When the Moodle page is displayed the Flip activity will be embedded nicely and change in size to match the students device/screen size. Students will still need to login with Flip. We are not currently able to authenticate from Moodle to Flip.