There are several reasons why you might want to move from the [Classic Poodll]  Poodll Assignment Feedback to the newer Cloud Poodll Assignment Feedback. 

  • It won't cost you any extra
  • It has no installation dependencies
  • It stores recordings in the cloud
  • It can auto transcribe student submissions
  • It is simpler and fewer things can go wrong (ie its more reliable)

How do I change from Poodll Feedback to Cloud Poodll Assignment Feedback?

Cloud Poodll Assignment Feedback is a separate plugin and should be installed See:

Then from the instance settings for each new assignment you create, choose "Cloud Poodll" from the feedback types.

What if you have existing assignments with Poodll feedbacks given to students?

As above, you should check "Cloud Poodll" in the assignment's submissions setting. But you should leave "Feedback Poodll" checked.

If Feedback Poodll is unchecked in the assignment's feedback settings, then by default existing feedbacks will also be hidden from teachers and students.  This is usually not the desired scenario however. So Poodll Feedback has an "active" setting. This is set to "yes" by default. If  "Feedback Poodll" is checked AND "active" is set to "no" then existing feedback will still be available but teachers will not be able to submit new Poodll Feedbacks in the assignment. They should just give Cloud Poodll Feedback