The Poodll Member's Dashboard is available at

From the dashboard you can:

  • Add a payment method to your account
  • View your billing history
  • Take new subscriptions
  • Change or cancel existing subscriptions
  • Register your site URLs
  • Collect your API user and secret
  • View data on your Poodll usage over the last year

Add a Payment method to your account

When subscribing you choose to pay by credit card or by bank transfer. if you subscribed previously on the older Poodll member site then you will not have a payment method set up. You can add a new payment method, or alter an existing one, on the Poodll Member's Dashboard. 

Click on the "Account Options" dropdown and choose "Payment Methods." A payment methods dialog will appear. Enter credit card information. To pay by bank transfer, do not enter a payment method. Whichever method you choose you will receive an invoice by mail.