Cloud Poodll can do basic screen recording from the following plugins:

  • Cloud Poodll for Atto
  • Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission
  • Cloud Poodll Assignment Feedback
  • Cloud Poodll Question

Cloud Poodll for Atto

In Cloud Poodll for Atto the screen recorder available from the toolbar.

When the icon is clicked the screen recorder and options will display:

Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission/Feedback and Cloud Poodll Question

In the other Cloud Poodll plugins the screen recorder is available as one of the video recorder skins in the plugin instance settings.

Using Screen Recording

When you press the record button on the recorder, you will be given the choice of what screen and which part of the screen to capture.

Select the screen/window or tab that you wish to record, and then press "Share." Recording will start immediately.

Screen recordings are bigger than webcam recordings. They will take longer to upload and convert. So try to keep them as short as you can.