The Poodll MultiPlayer Audio Widget allows the activity author to limit the number of times the audio can be played back.

First make sure that:

  • the Poodll Filter is enabled
  • Cloud Poodll for Atto or Poodll Anywhere for Atto are on the HTML toolbar
  • the MultiPlayer Audio widget template is set up in the Poodll filter. (by default it is)

Select the Poodll widgets icon from the toolbar

Enter the number of times the student can play the audio. And set Quiz Strict Mode to true, if its a quiz, and then a page reload should not reset it.

Press insert and the tags will appear on the page

Insert an audio player or link between the tags. You can use the audio recorder from the Poodll icon on the Atto toolbar, or you can upload audio into Moodle via one of the other media tools.

Audio inserted as a link
Audio inserted as player

When the activity is displayed, it should appear as below.

If it does not then check the Poodll filter is enabled. Poodll or other media filters can also act on the audio player/link independently of the widget. Try setting such Media filters to use native html5 audio players if you have trouble.

A Video Walkthrough

Here is a video of the audio player in action and explained by the Poodll Guy