Poodll makes it possible to record video into Moodle easily from Mobile devices. Students and teachers will probably be using either an Android phone or an iPhone. 

In both cases, they should look for the dark grey video camera option on the HTML editor.

In some cases the icons may be hidden by default. Users can view a fuller set of icons by clicking the 'more' icon on the top left corner of the toolbar.

Android and new iPhones

On Android phones using Chrome browser, and some newer iPhones the video recorder should now appear. It may take a few seconds to load. When it does it will probably look like this. Click the record button to begin.

If you are asked to give permission to access the web camera and microphone, please grant permission. And set your browser to remember that permission if there is an option to do so.

Older iPhones and Some Browsers

Warning Message

If you see a  warning message as below, visit the "Upload" tab and press the "Choose File" button.

Record or Choose Button

 In most cases where the browser does not support recording you will see a "Record or Choose" button. Press that button.

Recording from the phone's Camera app.

You will see options to choose a video from your phone, or to use the native camera app. 

Select the option to record a video using the native camera app. When the recording is complete, saving it will return you to the browser where the file will upload automatically.