Poodll MiniLesson has six item types.

  1. Multi Choice
  2. Content Page
  3. Dictation
  4. Dictation Chat
  5. Speech Cards
  6. Listen and Speak

The items can be created and administered from the Lesson Items tab of the activity. On opening the Lesson Items tab there are large create item buttons, one for each activity type, at the top of the page.

Beneath the create item buttons, is the items list of existing items. Existing items can be moved, previewed and edited from the items list.

Content Item Type

The content item type is the most basic item. It simply shows a text, media or iframe content specified by the activity author and a next button. Use this content type to prepare students for subsequent items or to include educational content.

Other item types all feature a similar content section, differing in that they also feature a response section to which the student must respond and receive a score.

Multichoice Item Type

The multichoice items displays a multi choice question with up to 4 possible answers, only one of which is correct.

Dictation Item Type

The dictation item type displays a list of audio player + text field sets. The student must listen to the audio and type what they hear, or a response. 

When creating a dictation item, the author places each sentence or phrase to be included , on a new line in the "sentences (prompts)" field. e.g

I am happy.
This is a pen.

By default the prompt and expected student response are the same, as in a traditional dictation activity. It is however possible to specify a different response by separating the prompt and the response with a pipe ("|") character. e.g

Where were they? | They were in France.
How many boys did you see?|I saw four boys.

The item types, dictation chat, speech cards and listen-and-speak all use the same format to specify prompts and responses.

Dictation Chat Item Type

Dictation chat is an alternative dictation format that offers word by word results.

Speech Cards Item Type

Speech cards offer students a prompt on a card which they must read aloud, or respond to. Each new sentence/prompt animates in from right to left.

Listen and Speak Item Type

Listen and speak is an alternative speaking activity to speech cards. It offers word by word recognition.