Using the Poodll recording question (Classic Poodll) or Cloud Poodll recording question types in a quiz, can cause issues when students either:

  • Press "Next" or "Finish" on the quiz without first uploading their recording
  • The quiz timelimit is reached before the student has finished uploading their recording

Because the Poodll questions are independent of the quiz, they do not know how many questions are on the page, or if there is a time limit. We want to prevent students losing their submissions, but it is unsafe for the Poodll question to manipulate the quiz container. 

However a workaround is to use the Poodll "QuizSafe Save" widget on the quiz question page. This will disable the "next" and "finish" buttons until it detects a successful recording upload. This should only be used for audio and video recordings and when the recording question is the only question on the page.

{ a video walkthrough of this tutorial is available here )

1) Create a Poodll "QuizSafe Save" template from the "QuizSafe Save" template bundle.

 Contact Poodll Support if you do not have this template. See the following page for how to create a template from a template bundle.
How to use template bundles

2) Put the course in editing mode

3) Enable HTML Blocks in the Quiz that you are building

In the quiz settings, go to the appearance settings and click "Show more" to see all options. The final option allows you to show html blocks in the quiz.

4) On the quiz page containing the Poodll question.

 Create an HTML block and insert the QuizSafe Save widget. You will need to choose which Poodll question type you are using: CloudPoodll question type or the Poodll Recording question type (Classic Poodll).

The Poodll filter tags will be placed on the page. If you do have a Poodll widgets icon on your toolbar, you can simply paste either of these strings into the html editor:



5) When the question page is displayed the "next" button will be disabled once recording commences and will re-enable when the upload has been successful.