In the latest version of the Poodll filter, you can simply enclose a subtitled media player or subtitled media link with the player tags, it will turn it into a nice interactive subtitle player. Like this.

These are the Poodll filter tags you will need:


Those Poodll filter tags can be inserted for you automatically if you have the Poodll Anywhere for Atto plugin installed. The Poodll widgets popup will contain the link to generate them:

If the tags do not show in the popup or just disappear when displayed , then possibly you upgraded an older version from an older version of the Poodll filter and need to create the template from a preset. See here for how to do that:

Subtitle Enabled Media Players and Media Links

Media Link
In the case above the media link has an attribute that points to the subtitles. Like this: data-subtitles=""

Media Player

Provided you already have a subtitle file, you can also use the native Moodle video embed to link subtitle(caption) tracks to html5 players. And the same embed tags around it will work.

Use Cloud Poodll for Atto to Create Subtitled Media

If you use Cloud Poodll for Atto to generate the subtitles then it will add the subtitle track if it is a player, or the data-subtitles attribute if it is a media link. This is a lot easier. Just make sure that before you record, you have enabled subtitling and set the language and embed method. This is all done on the options tab of the Cloud Poodll for Atto popup. Like this:

A note on working with filters

Using  an embedded player or media link relies on the Poodll filter to process the video player and links. But if Moodle's own filter gets there first it can ruin it for Poodll.  So you will probably need to disable the Moodle multimedia plugins filter for the page in question, or make sure Poodll is higher in the list of filters than Moodle. See this page for more detail: