The following chart shows the plugins available in the various Poodll packages. Note that Individual Teacher and Institution are legacy packages, only available to users who already subscribed to them.

The following table shows the Classic Poodll and Cloud Poodll plugin families. 

NB Classic Poodll and Cloud Poodll are not product packages, they just help to explain the content of the chart above

Cloud Poodll
Classic Poodll
Cloud Poodll Assignment SubmissionPoodll Filter
Cloud Poodll Assignment Feedback
Online Poodll Assignment Submission
Cloud Poodll Recording QuestionPoodll Feedback
Cloud Poodll for Atto
Poodll Recording Question
Cloud Poodll for TinyMCE Poodll Anywhere for Atto 
Poodll ReadAloudPoodll Anywhere for TinyMCE *
Poodll WordCards
Poodll EnglishCentral
Poodll MiniLesson
Poodll Solo