The  Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission enables students to record and upload submissions right inside Moodle's native Assignment activity. After installing Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission, teachers are able to select "Cloud Poodll" from the list of submission types in the Assignment settings.

Creating a Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission

Turn editing on and select "Add an activity or resource".

Choose "Assignment" from the popup menu and click "Add".

Under "Submission types" select "Cloud Poodll". At this time you should also choose whether you wish to add an audio or video recorder. You can also select a recorder skin and set a time limit for student recordings (the default, 0, means that there is no limit on the length of student recordings).

If transcription is enabled, Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission can provide a transcript of student submissions. This transcript can be shown to the teacher, the student, or both. If you set up auto transcription then you should choose the correct speaker language (region). Be aware that "Fast transcription" only works for audio less than 60 seconds. Interactive transcript provides time stamping and the relevant portion of the transcript is highlighted during playback.

Student View

When students enter the assignment and click "Add submission", they will see the audio or video recorder as well as any instructions provided by the teacher.

Grading Cloud Poodll Assignment Submissions

Grading is done in the same way as any Moodle assignment submission. Select the "Grade" button to see student attempts. If you've enabled transcription, you will see the transcript beneath the audio or video player. The image below shows the Interactive transcript.

After reviewing the submission, enter a score in the grade entry box. It is also possible to leave written comments for the student. If you wish to leave recorded comments, download and install the Cloud Poodll Assignment Feedback plugin.