The passage reader widget reads a text passage sentence-by-sentence using a simulated human voice. Some of the available voices are very realistic. The passage reader highlights each sentence as it’s being read. You can tap or click on a sentence to move the narration to that point in the text. It's great tool for those who are learning to read.

Passage Reader


Passage Reader Settings

 The passage reader settings, width, height, background color, pause and play refer to the appearance of the audio player button. The speaker, language settings are for the machine voice. The highlightmode, and stoporpause affect the behaviour of the reader.  Highlightmode lets you set word or sentence to be highlighted while reading. Sentence works better. During playback if the play button is pressed, stoporpause setting determines whethexr it resets or pauses playback. 

More Information

See here for a brief introduction to using Poodll Widgets.