Poodll WordCards is a word learning Moodle plugin. Words or phrases to be learnt are introduced with each instance of the activity. So in a course that required the learning of 40 terms, 8 terms might be introduced in each of 5 WordCards activities.


Each instance of Poodll WordCards contains a set of terms and matching definitions. This is the “learn pool.” A course will have multiple instances of Poodll WordCards. All the terms that have been encountered so far by a student in the course, form the “review pool.” 

A Poodll WordCards activity releases its learn terms into the "review pool" when it is completed. Poodll WordCards implements activity completion, which works as activity completion does for other Moodle activities. Poodll WordCards also offers a custom completion condition that is based on the user's success in completing the word learning activities in that instance. The contents of the “review pool” may vary from student to student. It will depend on the current student’s route through the course.

Learning Activities

Each Poodll WordCards instance contains 1 definition step, and up to 5 practice steps. They must be completed in sequence. Upon completion of the steps, the custom completion condition is flagged “complete.” The three activities are:

Definition check

This is simply a list of the new words that have been set in this instance of Poodll WordCards. The word and definition are in a card, and there will be as many cards as new words. Each card has a  “confirm” checkbox that the student must check. When all the cards are “checked,” the continue button will activate and the student can proceed to the "Practice" step.


In the practice step the student will practice with a sample of the new words that were introduced in this activity instance. The activity author can choose the learning activity that the student will perform. The available learning activities are.

a) Select the Words

b) Type the Words

c) Listen and type

d) Speak the Words


In the review step, as in the practice step, the student will practice with one of the four practice types. The chief difference is that they will be practicing with words drawn from the review pool, ie words learnt in prior Poodll WordCards activities in the current course.

Learning Activities

Get Ready

Each activity begins with a "Get Ready" screen which gives the student a chance to review the words that they are about to be quizzed on. When the student presses the "Begin" button, the activity displays and starts.

Choose the Answer

In the Choose the Answer activity the student sees a "definition" and a list of possible "words" that match it. The student should choose the correct word from that list.

Type the Answer

In this activity the student should type the word(s) that matches the given definition, using their keyboard or by selecting letters from the mini onscreen keyboard.

Listen and Type

In this activity the student hears the word(s) read out to them, they should type the word(s) using their keyboard or by selecting letters from the mini onscreen keyboard.

Speak the Words

In the activity the student sees the word(s) on a card, they should speak them aloud. The activity will mark them correct if it can match their speech with the word(s). This currently only work on Google Chrome on desktop.

Activity Results

Each learning activity finishes with a page showing the student's results and a final opportunity to review the words.