The easiest way to install a CloudPoodll for TinyMCE is to use Moodle and’s automated install feature. 

1. Go to your site’s plugins installer 

Your Moodle site has a handy system for installing plugins automatically by connecting to to download them. From the site administration menu, go to:
plugins -> install plugins

Choose to install from the Moodle plugins directory.

If you are not already logged into, you will need to .

Then search for "Cloud Poodll for TinyMCE" in the “search plugins” bar.

From the list of plugins choose the correct one. On the next page you will see an “install” button.

You will then be shown a list if your Moodle sites, and you should choose which to install on, and press the install link.

After that Moodle should lead you through the plugin installation

After installing you will need to add Cloud Poodll to TinyMCE toolbar in order for it to show up. This page explains how to do that.

Cloud Poodll for TinyMCE on

If you wish you can start the above installation process from, just visit the Cloud Pooll for TinyMCE page on the Moodle plugins directory and click install: