Read Aloud highlights "errors" in the reading passage for teachers, and optionally also for students to see. Errors are really "mismatches" since they simply mean that the AI could not match a passage word against a word it transcribed. Sometimes it transcribed a word differently to the word in the passage. Sometimes it could not transcribe what it heard at all. A good example is numbers. ReadSeed AI transcribes numbers as words, e.g "twenty". If the passage word is "20" then there will be a mismatch. Common mismatches that are not true errors, should be accounted for by preparing a set of alternatives for the reading passage. Alternatives are explained here:

Student Review Page:

Grading Page: Grading mode

Errors are highlighted in red.
Errors can be set to not display to students on the review page.

Grading Page: Spotcheck mode

Errors are highlighted in green.
If clicked the teacher will hear the audio and make correct or incorrect.

Grading page: Transcript mode

Errors are highlighted in grey.
If clicked the teacher can see how the AI transcribed it.