Poodll Speech Cards show a "card" with some text on it, and a "Push to Speak" button. When the button is pushed the user reads the card. If the user reads correctly, the next card is displayed. This flow is displayed in the short movie below.

 Poodll Speech cards are currently not part of an activity. It is just widget that is inserted on a page. Note also that they only work on Google Chrome. In the near future we will support more browsers. 

First make sure you have created a SpeechCards template from a preset. The preset is already there, you just need to create the template. This page explains how to make a template from a preset.

To create a set of Speech Cards

1) Choose SpeechCards from the Atto HTML Editor Widget popup

If you do not see Speech Cards, you have not yet created a template from a preset. Please do that first. If you do not see a widget icon, you are probably using the "TinyMCE" HTML Editor. In that case you need to create the Poodll filter tags without the help of the widget popup, or temporarily change your editor preference to "Atto."

2) Press "Insert" and Poodll will insert the Speechcards tags on the page


3) Create the list of sentences/words

The list of sentences/words is just a bullet list. Be sure to use HTML bullets by starting the list from editor. Put the bullet list between the Speech Cards tags.

4) Save and display the page

When you display the page, the cards should display and a few seconds later the blue recorder button should display. If the cards do not display, and you see a list of bullet points, some invisible HTML is probably in between the speech card tags and the bullet points. you will need to start again, or enter html source code view and tidy up the html you see there.