It is easy to try Poodll EnglishCentral by adding your own Poodll EnglishCentral demo course as an "External tool" activity on your own Moodle site. Ultimately you will want to install the plugin, but this is the fastest way to try it out. You can add and edit your own activities, your students will be logged in automatically and grades returned to your gradebook.

Ask Poodll Support for your own demo course

You can get the username, password, and URL of your demo course by requesting them at

Login and get your External Tool URL and Secret

You will need a set of credentials to use on your Moodle site when linking to your demo course. There are three items in a set of credentials.
* The Tool URL
* The Secret
* A Consumer Key

You will use your username as your "Consumer Key." The "Tool URL" and "Secret" can be retrieved from the course menu in your demo course once you have logged in there:

Add the demo course to your Moodle site:

Adding the demo course as an "External tool"  in a course on your site is like creating other standard activities in Moodle.

  1. Make sure that you are on your own Moodle site.

  2.  "Turn Editing on" in your course. The location of the "Turn editing on" link will vary by theme,

  3. Select "Add an activity or resource"

  4. Select "External Tool" from the activity chooser popup, and press "Add"

  5. Give the activity a name and set the Tool URL. After you pasted the Tool URL, a green check mark should appear beside it.

  6. After you have pasted the Tool URL and gotten the green check mark, click the "Show more" button. This will reveal more fields on the page

  7. Set the Launch Container to "New WIndow."
    There are other options, but do not choose any "Embed" options because your student microphones will not work in "embed" modes.

  8. Then enter the Consumer key (your username) and Secret

  9. Add the custom parameter: force_embed=1
    This is to hide the header and footer and side bar of the site.
    This setting is optional, but probably a good idea. Otherwise your students might wonder where they are.

  10. Finally "Save and return to course"

  11. When you click on the newly created activity a new window will open with your Poodll English Central demo course.
    Your students will be logged into the course automatically and grades returned to your gradebook