When you make a Poodll EnglishCentral activity, you choose videos from the English Central library. There are around 12,000 video lessons prepared for you to choose from. You can try making an activity and choosing a few lessons for yourself, on the Poodll demo site.

To do that,

  1. Login as user: teacher password: teacher 
    at https://demo.poodll.com
  2. Turn on editing mode and add an EnglishCentral activity
  3. After you have given it a name and description, save it.
  4. Then you can choose videos to add.

To choose the videos, from the bottom of the activity page, enter a search term. Expand the advanced settings to optionally restrict the search results to a difficulty level.

You will get a list of video lessons. Tap on the + icon/button to add it to the activity. Tap on the video thumbnail itself and it will open a new page where you can preview the activity,