It is possible to get Poodll and other plugins directly from Github. You can install them using git, if you know how. Or by downloading the plugin's zip file from there and installing. In this article we explain how to install from the zip file.

Get the Zip file from GitHub

Each plugin has its own area and URL on Github called a repository. The top page of that looks like this:

In most cases you can use the "master" branch. But if instructed to do so, you can choose a different branch by choosing the "branch" from the list.

Click on the green "Download button" and choose "Download ZIP" to download the plugin's zip file.

Upload the Zip file to Moodle

Your Moodle site has a handy system for installing plugins from zip files. From the site administration menu, go to:

Site administration -> plugins -> install plugins

Begin the Installation of each of the plugins, by uploading the zip file into the file area displayed.
Moodle should detect the plugin type automatically.


Installing the Plugin
Let Moodle lead you through the installation. The steps from this point are hopefully familiar. If you have difficulties contact here at Poodll Support.