Read Aloud is a reading practice, assessment, and progress monitoring tool that provides words per minute (WPM) and accuracy scores based on a student's reading of a passage. 

Read Aloud enables the teacher to conduct reading assessments for an entire class , while the auto evaluation feature takes care of scoring. Teachers receive rich, actionable data while saving time on administration and grading. Read Aloud also enables reading assessments to be collected outside of class, or remotely. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Moodle 3.5 or greater

  • Site running HTTPS

  • Internet access

  • Modern Browser

The Four Modes

ReadAloud has 4 modes. The modes are summarized below:

ListenIn listen mode the model audio is played to the student and part of the passage being read is highlighted.
PracticeIn practice mode, as in listen mode the passage is read and highlighted. But at preset break points the playback pauses, the student reads the line, and the students speech is evaluated.
ReadIn read mode, the student reads the entire passage aloud unassisted until the time limit is reached. The reading is automatically (or manually) evaluated and a grade can be submitted to the gradebook.
Shadow PracticeIn shadow mode the student reads the entire passage aloud at the same time as listening to the model audio playback. Shadow mode is disabled by default. Shadow mode will grade the reading and submit the grade to the gradebook. But this can be disabled in the site administration settings for ReadAloud.

Listen Mode

Model audio for the text is played as the test is highlighted.

Practice Mode

In practice mode the student practices reading the passage line by line.

Reading Mode

Prior to reading, students are presented with instructions for the task as well as a recorder to test the microphone. The instructions can be configured by the teacher.  There are two audio recorder options: "Mic-test then start" and "Just start"

The "Mic-test then start" recorder 

The Just Start recorder

When the recorder begins recording, the passage will appear and students should begin to read aloud. 

When time limit is reached (default 1 minute) recording will stop and the audio will be submitted for review.

Post - Recording

After the attempt has been evaluated (human or machine), students can listen to their reading, see their scores, and review the passage.