Poodll only acts on files that are links in the html area. 

In code audio file links look like this.

<a href="https://moodle.com/blahblablha.mp3"">blahblablha.mp3</a>

By default Moodle when you upload a file into an html area using the insert media dialog, it creates an html5 audio tag. They look a bit like this in code.

<audio src="https://moodle.com/blahblablha.mp3"></audio>

And a simple player appears right there in the html area, even before you have saved and displayed.


To make sure Poodll is going to handle your uploaded audio files, if using the Moodle html editor, you should choose the "link" tab of the Insert Media dialog.

And also make sure that Poodll is handling audio files as expained here: