Poodll will choose the most appropriate recorder for your browser and situation. It will test each recorder to determine if it will operate on the current browser/os, and will choose the first one that passes the test. The preferred recorder order is the sequence which the recorders are tested with. It is found on the General Settings page, under Poodll Network settings. You can alter the recorder to support your specific circumstances if necessary, eg You could remove "red5" and "flashaudio" to force Poodll to never show a Flash based recorder.

The explanation of terms that you see in the recorder order is as follows:

  • mobile

    If the mobile app can run on the user’s platform and browser, the mobile app load icon will be displayed. An upload icon will also be displayed, since we can’t tell if they actually have the app installed. Currently only iOS has a mobile app.

  • media

    If the user’s platform and browser can record in pure html5, then one of the html5 recording widgets will be displayed.

  • flashaudio

    This is the original PoodLL Flash based MP3 audio recorder. If it is not iOS or Android, it will assume it is supported.

  • red5

    These are the original Flash based audio and video recorders that connect to a Red5 server, usually tokyo.poodll.com. If it is not iOS or Android, it will assume that it is supported.

  • snapshot

    This will take a snapshot from the user’s webcam and upload it as an image. It is not considered when the user has elected to record audio or video.

  • upload

    This is the lowest level of support available, it will open an upload a file dialog. On a mobile device it will also be possible to record directly using the device’s native interface. The user can also elect to upload a file from the device’s gallery.