To use test to speech(TTS) and other AI backed services, Poodll leans on Amazon Web Services (AWS) version 3. The Poodll filter is already too large for is own good, because it contains the Amazon AWS V2, and we can not replace it with V3 because of PHP compatibility issues. But if you wish to use AWS SDK v3, you can simply upload it to your server and select it from the Poodll filter general settings. Thats what we do too.

1) Download the AWS SDK v3 for PHP from

2) On your Moodle server, place the sdk folder as "aws-v3" in [path/to/moodle]/filter/poodll/3rdparty/

So it will look a bit like this

(make sure that directly beneath aws-v3 folder are contained files like "aws-autoloader.php" and "")

3) Then go to Poodll filter general settings Site administration -> Plugins -> Filters -> Poodll -> General settings. 

And select Version 3.x as your AWS SDK

After that the TTS templates should work correctly on your Moodle site.