Poodll does not offer a way to download "all" recordings, except the submissions in the Moodle assignment (see below). However it is possible to selectively download recordings, or any video/audio file handled by Poodll.

To do this first turn on "Show download button under players" under:
Site administration -> Plugins -> Filters -> Poodll -> General settings

On players that support it, when the user has the filter/poodll:candownloadmedia capability, they will then see a small download button beneath each player. Clicking on the download button will download that recording.

By default the candownloadmedia capability is given to non-editing teachers and above.

The players which support  downloading are : Native audio, Native video, Mediaelement audio, Mediaelement video, Audio JS Shim, Flowplayer first frame and Video JS.

Download all assignment submissions

If you are using the Online Poodll Assignment submission plugin (Classic Poodll) downloading all submissions is possible by using Moodle's native ability to do this. Any files that are in the assignment submissions area will be zipped and downloaded when the teacher selects "download all submissions" from the assignment's admin menu. In the Boost theme, that looks like this.

If you are using Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission  you can download individual recordings, by setting the display options for players in lists to "Show filename" or "Show filename (lightbox)." This setting is available in the assignment settings, under submissions and cloud poodll. 

Then on the submissions list you can right click on the filename and download it.