The Test audio player (Multi audio player) allows the user to play an audio file a fixed number of times. It looks like this ..

It is designed to be used in tests and test simulation activities. Note that it does not enforce the fixed play count very strictly, a page reload will reset the counter.

The multi audio player contains a variable, canplaycount, in the defaults section of its template settings page. The default value of that variable is 5. This controls the number of times the user can play the audio. You can edit this to change the default play count for the multi audio player site wide. In the image below we have changed it to 2.

It is also possible to append the variable and value to the end of the audio file URL in the html editor to change the play count, just for that file, like this:

However we know that most teachers probably do not want to get that into code. So we have made some clones of the multi audio player template, the twice audio player and the thrice audio player. The only difference is the name and the value of the canplaycount variable.

The templates are available in the presets list on a template’s settings page in Poodll.

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This page explains how to tell Poodll to use a particular audio player at the site, course, activity or instance level.

This page explains about templates players and importing/exporting templates as bundle files. Those download links above are bundle files.