The PoodLL iOS app is a very simple app that will record audio or video and upload it for you. Even without the app you can record from your iOS device, but using the app will be more reliable and in the case of audio in particular will be a better experience. Search the Apple App Store for “poodll” to find and install it. See here for setting up your Moodle site for the iOS app.

NB Although its possible to open the app by tapping on app’s icon on the home screen, only serious techies will over do this. If you try it, you will see what we mean. For most users, you will simply launch the app from the special “PoodLL App” buttons on your Moodle site. 

How the PoodLL Recorder works on your site

On a page that contains a PoodLL recorder, the iOS user will see something like this:

Tapping the “PoodLL App” button will bring up either a video or audio recorder. (If the tap does nothing, just tap and hold until a little dialog appears.)



After recording you will have the option to preview, retake or send your recording.

After sending the recording to Moodle, you will see a “successfully uploaded” screen.

After you have submitted your recording to Moodle, you will want to return back to the Moodle page. Do this by either

i) quitting the PoodLL Recorder app and opening up the Mobile Safari app again.
ii) click the little “mobile safari” link on the top left of the app screen.

When you get back you will have a (very small) notification that your recording was received ok.