The Poodll filter controls which HTML5 recorder skin (or skin + style) is displayed on a page.  There are several recorder skins available: Plain, Burnt Rose and One Two Three are some of them. It is possible to style the plain skins  further by setting a skin style (ie a css class name). The skin and style settings options are available on the Poodll filter general settings page:
Site Admin -> Plugins -> Filters -> Poodll -> General Settings 

Those settings look like this:

(If you want to try styles for the “Plain” recorder skin, try: “charcoal” or “child” or “flame.” Um, some of those are not so plain …. we warned you …)

Cascading Recorder Settings

There are times when you may want a different recorder skin in one location, than on the rest of your Moodle site. If you are testing on a production site, this will certainly be true.  From Poodll filter version 2017082601, this is possible. In Moodle, each course and activity exposes a link to a “filters” page in its settings block, ie in the same place that you might have “edit settings”, ‘check permissions’ or “turn on editing mode.”  In the Boost theme it looks like this:

On this “Filters” page should be an entry for each filter on the site, and beside the Poodll filter there will be a settings link.

On the settings page are settings for each of the file extensions that Poodll can handle, and drop down lists for players to handle them. Below that, towards the bottom of the page, are settings for the HTML5 Recorder skin and associated styles.