Renew your subscription at When you renew, your subscription will run from the end of your old subscription for the full 12 months. To renew, click on the “renew” link in the “subscriptions” tab of your account on

Just as when you originally signed up, you can choose to pay by credit card online or to be sent an invoice.

API Credentials / Registration Codes

If you are using Classic Poodll and an older version of the Poodll filter (prior to December 2018) you will need to pick up a new registration code.

The new one can be used immediately, you can pick up your new registration code after renewing, at: .
(It can sometimes take a few minutes for the new code to show up there. You can tell from the code's expiry date if it is correct)

See this page for information about how to generate and use a registration code.

In most cases however your should now be using your Poodll API user and secret instead of a registration code. Your renewal will be noted automatically within 12 hours, and you do not need to update anything on your Moodle site. But you can force Poodll to check right away, by clicking on the "Refresh license information" link on the settings page for the Poodll filter or any Cloud Poodll plugin.

If you do not have an API user /secret yet, you can pick yours up from your member area on

See here for more information: