In most cases, the conversion takes place in the "cloud" and it takes between a few seconds and a minute. The delay comes when Moodle goes to pick up the recorded file. Rather than have the user wait for their recording to finish converting, we schedule Moodle to go and pick it up. This happens either:

  • when the "cron" job runs, or 
  • when a notification arrives from the Poodll cloud to your Moodle server.

The latter is more common because the notification occurs almost immediately after conversion of the file is complete. You will need to have cloud recording "on," and cloud notifications "on" for this to work. They are on the Poodll filter general settings page and are "on" by default. Unless you really have a special situation, they should both be checked.

If those are both checked, and you are still getting the "Poodll is converting ..." message, then its most likely that you are not using a Poodll player to play your audio.  This is a problem, because Moodle will cache the placeholder audio/video file and play it back even after the converted audio has been picked up. The placeholder file is the one that says "Poodll is converting your..."

To ensure that a Poodll player is playing your audio and video files, you need to: 

i) Check the Poodll filter is 'on' at:

site administration -> plugins -> filters -> manage filters

ii) Also on the manage filters page move the Poodll filter higher in the list of filters than the Moodle Multimedia plugins filter.

iii) Enable MP3 ands MP4 handling by checking the "Handle MP3" and "Handle MP4" checkboxes at

site administration -> plugins -> filters -> poodll -> file extension settings

iv) Also on the file extension settings page, set an audio player to handle mp3 and a video player to handle MP4. audiojs(shim) and Flowplayer First Frame should be selected by default. 

See more on this here: